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home. >> the messages to the young people are if you have an idea, big or small, to go for it. because you probably will be able to do it. and what you get back from it is overwhelming. >> don't underestimate yourself. i'm just one teenager. look what i was able to do. >> reporter: and for rachel, there was an additional benefit that resulted from all her work. >> seeing the children, i feel like they almost helped me more than i helped them. everyone says oh, you helped these kids so much. seeing their faces and seeing how much i did for them, they helped me tenfold. >> so maybe the next time you're home from school, you'll think of some ways to others like rachel did. for "teen kids news" i'm felipe. >>> stay with us there is lots for to come on "teen kids news." >> we'll be right back. >>> it's the number one killer of teens. it's called distracted driving. but do you know what it ask? >> it reminds me of driving and texting. when you're driving and texting, it's not like you can focus on the road. >> i have a lot of friends that text and drive. >> texting and driving is definitely
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1